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Huge poker festival coming to Montreal with CA$4 million prize pool

Huge poker festival coming to Montreal with CA$4 million prize pool

 Montreal is going poker crazy this summer, with the announcement that it will host one of the largest poker events of the year. Players of all levels and abilities will be descending on Québec from all around the world for the two week extravaganza that will take place at the Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake, just a half hour drive south of downtown Montreal.

 The event gets underway on August 19 and runs till September 03, and will include seven different events, each with its own buy in levels and prize pots.

 About the venue

 The Playground Poker Club is recognized as being one of, if not the top poker venue in Canada. It features more than 70 tables, meaning it really can offer a rewarding poker playing experience to everyone from beginners to professionals.

 In this era of online gaming, that is vitally important, and has contributed towards its success. After all, with practically everyone owning a smartphone, there are new devotees choosing to play poker online every day. It is natural that they will, at some stage, want to try out their new skills in the real world, but many view the idea of sitting at a real table and looking their competitors in the eye with a degree of trepidation.

 By seeking to attract novice players as well as the pros, Playground Poker Club has gone from strength to strength – as the forthcoming World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOP-C) festival demonstrates.

 The fact that this is being described as a festival designed to appeal to all should not detract from the fact that this is still a deadly serious World Series of Poker event, with the coveted WSOP-C rings on offer. The world’s top professionals will be in attendance, although sadly, poker legend Doyle Brunson will not be among them, having decided to retire from the game at the age of 84, after more than half a century on the professional circuit.

 Let’s take a closer look at what is happening and when.

 Event 1 – Colossus

 The festival gets underway with an event that lives up to its name. The Colossus has a buy in of just $330, meaning it will attract more than just the top tier professionals. This is a chance for the amateurs to make a name for themselves and get down to some giant-killing action – and the total prize pot of $1,000,000 shows that this is still an event to be taken very seriously. The Colossus runs from the opening day till August 28.

 Event 2 – The Main Event

 As the Colossus goes into its final days, the Main Event will get started on August 25. The stakes are higher, but so are the rewards, with a total $2 million up for grabs. The main event runs till September 03.

 Event 3 – Monster Stack Freezeout

 When the WSOP introduced the concept of the monster stack four years ago, they could hardly have expected it to become the phenomenon that it is today. It has also attracted its fair share of controversy – amateurs like the concept of a large stack in front of them at the table, while some within the industry feel it actually damages their chances. Whatever your personal view, the Montreal has its own monster stack event running from August 27 to 28, to the tune of $660. The prize pot is $150,000.

 Event 4 – Super high roller

 If you laugh in the face of $660, the super high roller might be more to your liking. A place at the table is $5,300, and if that hasn’t sent you running for the hills, you’ll be interested to know that there is a quarter of a million available in prize money. He who dares wins!

 Event 5 – High roller

 On the other hand, perhaps $5,300 is a little over the top. If that is your way of thinking, try the high roller from September 01 to 03. The buy in is a slightly less eye-watering $2,200, and there is another quarter of a million going begging in prize money.

 Event 6 – Pot limit Omaha

 PLO has attracted a growing level of popularity over recent years. If this is your game of preference, there’s an event just for you. It’s on the final day of the tournament, the buy in is $550 and there is a cool $50,000 in the prize pot.

 Event 7 – Closer

 We said earlier that this festival has something for everyone, so if you are not in the market to be wagering four figure sums, the fun doesn’t end with the Colossus. The closer is played along similar lines, and it will be running for the concluding four days of the festival, from August 31 to September 03. Like the Colossus, the buy in is just $330, and there is another $300,000 to play for. 

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