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About Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus Casino Gambling Cheating ExpertRichard Marcus was born in New York and has lived all over the world. He is a classy con artist who considers his work inside casinos to be true art. His path to becoming a skilled cheater has taken many turns.

Upon arriving in Las Vegas he supported himself solely through legitimate gambling. However, Richard soon found himself broke and homeless, living under a highway overpass.

In dire straights, he sought gainful employment in the only industry he was familiar with: he became a Blackjack and Baccarat dealer.

Armed with experience on both sides of the tables, Richard met his mentor to be, Joe Classon. In his early twenties, Richard embarked on his career as a professional casino cheater.

Richard lacks any traditional education to boast of because he was too busy gambling and hustling to ever have had the time to go to school. However, he is a multilingual man who is a passionate and well-rounded authority on many aspects of gambling, cheating, and casinos.

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